Keeps Us On Our Toes


14 August 2022

47 mins 16 secs

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Episode Seven Season Three

Season 3 - Episode 7


Keeps Us on Our Toes

Show Opening

Where are we?

Let's get the show started by checking in with our host. Walther might have some life changes to talk about.

Follow Up © John Siracusa

Contest, Dungeons and Dragons, and Off Roading. We had only a few things to touch up on.

Rocky Mountain High

Walther has an upcoming trip to the home of Coors Beer, and has comistions some art work for the trip.

Summer Camp With Walther

Walther helps host a summer camp.

Main Show

The School of Summer

And Jason taught at summer school.

  • Summer School
    • Making up some deficit.
    • Good Discussion on that hints at how we think education should be done.
    • Vocabulary Wall
    • Truth
    • Test
    • Skepticism
  • How do we know what is true?
  • End of the Year

Big News?

Do I stay or do I go
If I stay . . .
If I go . . .


Things Go South

Ice Cream


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