Our Jaw's are made of Bone?


5 April 2022

1 hr 25 mins 31 secs

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Season 3 - Episode 5


Our Jaw's are made of Bone?

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Your Jaw is Made of Bone

Coming off the tail of Walther's wife's tribulations with a root canal, Walther talks about how teeth and bone relate. So Jaosn needs to get philosophical.

Tree Rings

Your First Chainsaw

The question comes up, how old were you when you handled your first chainsaw.

Death and KinFolk

Uncle Wally Walther Funeral

  • Quanah is a city in and the county seat of Hardeman County,
  • Rowena is an unincorporated community in southwestern Runnels County, Texas
  • East Texan
  • Corn Hole

Main Show

A Mac for Jason

Carl tries to convince Jason to buy a new computer, like a Mac Pro

We get letters . . .

Carl reads solicitation and computer specs live on air.

To Make a Podcast

A friend of ours ask how to make a podcast, so I run down what I know.

You have to:


Jason's Tale

Jason tells us about his very fine house.

Carl's Tale

Walther tells a shaggy dog story and then solistes question, and then a conversation about Jalousie Windows.


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