Learning Is Hard


7 March 2022

1 hr 47 mins 3 secs

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Season 3 - Episode 4


Learning Is Hard

Show Opening

The show open with discussion of why web based apps suck, COVID, and New Toys.

The Real Start of the Show

A remembrance of how far we have come and Our love of PodCast.

History in the Making

That time the Grande Tonto Griengo tried to tale a tail about the Mexican American War. Jason ends up not made but disappointed in me.

of iPads and Pencils

Walther has a new toy, and goes on and on about it. Is this the future?

How did I do?

Jason is disappointed in me.

Follow Up © John Siracusa

  • New iPad - Frame Rate and Image Quality
    • What I did, and Pencils
  • McBrid has published NINE novels. https://www.pmcbridenovels.com/
    • Magic Tree House
    • Hank the Cow Dog
    • Encyclopedia Brown
  • Guess how long it took me to file an insurance claim.
  • Did you try Craft( it got app of the year {in many places})?
    • No

Main Show

Covid Suck

To a Mouse
Walther's Holiday Plans do not go the way he wanted. This leads into a long conversation about things going astray and all things Covid.

We don't talk . . .

A conversation about Encanto leads to a very deep discussion about personality, dealing with people, and grade and school.

Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom

Walther lays out how he is trying to manipulate students into being better people, but this is by far one of our best discussions on classroom management and expectations to date.

One More Things

What are grades for, more good conversation about grades in the classroom.


  • Marvel
  • StarDew Valley
  • Video Game



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