Bank Job


5 October 2021

1 hr 26 mins 32 secs

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Season 2 - Episode 4


Bank Job

Show Opening / Intro

We introduce our two guests today, and establish why we are forming up to do this bank job. Welcome Pablo and Mabel.

Follow Up © John Siracusa

I try to troll Jason about his videos and call back to transcendentalism. Talk diverges to Newton, Mills, and Hobbs and Lock.
There is talk of the Grading and Assessment group at Sunnyside, and remembrance of how Walther and Pablo are great at making friends in the workplace.

No one ever does their homework.

Main Show Topics

Straight To Video Games

We start off trying to take turn with Pablo going first, but it becomes a bit of a free for all, with Walther hogging the conversation. List of games will be found at the end of the show notes.


We start off talking about why everyone hates, but Walther hates Stardew Valley. Then Pablo shows off some of the Warhammer figures he has been painting. After a discussion of 3D printers and not encouraging Walther, Jason has a chance to say what phone based games that he has been playing.
We talk of story and what drives us to keep or not keep playing video games, and then there is a discussion of the Witcher 3 game, along with Cyber Punk, and how elements of these stories make Jason and Pablo feel. After bouncing off Factora, we talk about Rouge Like games.

Bring Out YOur Dead

We go once more around the microphone and talk about any games that we might have missed. Of course we then start talking about D&D, and why Drist is OP. Then we find out that Mable is clueless about DragonLance. Spelljammer was Walther's Jam.


Mah Nà Mah Nà”
What video game podcast would not be complete without a discussion of what our spirit muppets are. From Statler and Waldorf, Sam the Eagle, Ralph the Dog.

What game would you make?

If you could make a game, what game would you make? There is another round talking about what video game you would love to make.


Sign Off


List of Games


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