A Party Trick Know to the Ancient Greeks


23 November 2021

1 hr 16 mins 55 secs

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We are back for Season Three!!!!

In this episode, Walther spends a lot of time talking about how Magnets work, and trying to get Jason to try out Craft. We finish up talking about video games and arguing about the merits of capitalism.

Season 3 - Episode 2


A Party Trick Know to the Ancient Greeks

Show Opening

"My Sound Levels seams to be Good," is how Walther starts the episode tempting fate and foreshadowing the audio problems to come. If only he would learn the phrase 'inshallah' he would send less of his time being shown his hubris.

This is the second time they have tried to recoded the show, given Walther the time lag between last recording and Walther redoing his desk set up, as said above, things do not go 100% with out issues.

  • Sound Check

Kitten Interruption

See Chapter Art

"Oh No . . . "

Foreshadowing, its a thing y'all.

Start of Show

"Like magnets, they click together," is Walther really going to be foreshadowing the whole show, boy he lame.

Covid Vector

Cold Open Two, Halloween preparations.

and We are Back

Cold Open Three, Jason gives a tour of his new 'Domicile’.

Main Show

Who knows how Magnets work?

Magnetism and other Delights

We get to the topic that Jason wanted to know about, what the deal is about static electricity and electromagnetic fields. It takes Walther a while to get past the history of atomic theory, but eventually gets around to contradicting himself and answering Jason's question.

  • Electricity and magnetism.
    • Atomic Theory
    • Discovery of the Electron -> 1897
    • Discovery of the Nucleus -> 1911
    • Discovery of the Proton -> 1917
    • Discovery of the Neutron -> 1932
    • Plum Pudding Model of the Atom


Gravity governs the scale of big, but in the early solar system, small dust particles are as attracted to clump up by static charge as they are by gravitational attraction. How could you demonstrated this in a high school classroom setting?

"He Still Talking About Magnets"

Jason, Gets to his Point

Back to talking about Accretion and how to demo it. Alos what is the correct term to call this, and how to use proper academic vocabulary.


Reformation Day

It's Oct. 31 so it is time to nail a list to the public bulletin board, so twitter. Walther's Wife must correct him when he is wrong; plus the there are many Mel Broke references.


Because Walther is a good podcasting boy, he is really into Craft and tries to get Jason to buy in and try it out.

Games we are Playing

What is becoming a recurring segment on the show, we rap up by talking about the games we are playing. The question to be asked, will Jason and Walther ever be playing the same game?

  • What are you playing?
    • Far Cry Primal
    • Finishing Twilight Princess,
    • Last Temple
    • Ocarina of Time
    • Factorial
    • Clash of Clans


The End

Signing Off



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