A Large Fist Size Rock


29 December 2021

1 hr 52 mins 41 secs

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Season 3 - Episode 3

_12/5/21 _

A Large Fist Size Rock

Show Opening

Food, Drink, and foreshadowing, welcome all to a great new episode.

Cold Opening?

References acknowledged and not acknowledged, but Jason is always pushing his optimistic drugs on the rest of us, also foreshadowing.

Live Reading Text

Walther is Boujee, what can we say.

Follow Up © John Siracusa

Moving right along, catching up on the family. Both of Walther's parents are getting old, and need medical care. So more foreshadowing.


Quick rundown on old technology.

  • Hertz vs FPS
  • PALs vs NTSC
    • 25 fps vs 30 fps
    • 625 Lines vs 525 Lines
  • Peter Jackson Movies at higher FPS
  • How fast can the human eye process information?
  • Force Touch

Did you try Craft?

No, Jason did not.


Family is choice, relatives are not. Family is defined by love, not blood.
Check the after show for the saga of Jason daughter and her trials and tribulations with "Wind Waker".
We end up previewing a future conversation about the merits of Capitalism. And then the show takes a pause and life happens.

Main Show

We are back, weeks later we were able to sit down and finish recording the episode.

Games we are Playing

Don't touch this ...

Walther talks about his need to write things down, and the merits of leaving sticky notes labeling everything. All praises to Theater Kids.

Welcome Back

Post Pre-Flight

Jason Cosplays Sims

We start out talking about the super hard game Jason has been playing, Real Life, and then finish up talking about how Walther has never built a PC.

  • Move into new House
    • Playing at RL
    • Real Life is a physiological horror story.
  • This Land is my Land
  • The Zerg
  • Cyber Punk 2077
    • My Ninja, from Matale, Make it my way.
  • Computer of Theseus

Car Talk

I hit something, and it smashed up my wheel, now I have no money for the Christmas Season.

Car Talk, Still

Sometimes you need a thing done fast, so you throw money at it. In the times we live in, time is increasingly not a thing we can trade on.

Car Talk, More

Jason and Carl swap horror stories from road debris in the road. This leads to a discussion of mind and body and the fallacy of memory.
This all leads to another discussion of family and how this changes as time goes by.

Asking for Help

The Fallacy of Self Reliance

Oh I have insurance! Why don't I ask for help more often.

  • "I can't ask for help, because no one can help me."

Favorite Podcast

An interruption gets us off the topic, and it's a question if we ever get back to it, but Walther has motives to pry some information out of Jason.

What is Standard Based Learning?


What is onese legacy? Walther muses about coming back to Standard Based Grading. A big ah in his teaching that he has fallen away from. What is the job of an educator, and how does assessment play a roll in this. Tales from the classroom.

Life Up Dates

A quick update on how the family's and friends are doing.


Another chance to plug some of the best beer on the face of this earth.

Older Than Me

Jason gets a dig on me, and how jealous he is of my lifestyle. Then Jason's JaZZ legacy is discussed. A digital legacy means the data never goes away.

  • "Enjoy Petronius's little adventures and sardonic reflections on life and love in a small-town back yard."


Signing Off

See, I remembered to put the email address out there. Ya!!!!


A tale of Zelda on the high seas, told through the frustration of a small child.


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